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Children's Department

New Books

Look and Find:    Vampires and Other Scary Creatures

                                        Phineas and Ferb

                                        Puss in Boots

                                        Best Loved Classics

                                        Minnie Mouse

                                        Wishes and Dreams

                                        The Smurfs


                                        The Green Lantern


                                        Marvel The Invincible Iron Man

                                        Captain America: The First Avenger

                                        The Mighty Avengers

Bath Time (Board book) / Charles Reasoner

Bedtime (Board book) / Charles Reasoner

Potty Time (Board book) / Charles Reasoner

Mealtime (Board book) / Charles Reasoner

Trucks (Board book) / Charles Reasoner

Boats (Board book)/ Charles Reasoner 

Shapes (Board book) / Charles Reasoner

Colors (Board book) / Charles Reasoner

Purple Princess Wins the Prize / Alyssa Crown

Pink Princess Rules the School / Alyssa Crown

Mr. Granite is From Another Planet / Jim Paillot

Coach Hyatt is a Riot / Jim Paillot

American Chillers #3 Florida Fog Phantoms / Johnathan Rand

American Chillers #4 New York Ninjas / Johnathan Rand

The Fire Within / Chris D'Lacey

Ice Fire / Chris D'Lacey

The New Girl / Meg Cabot

Moving Day / Meg Cabot

Wolf Brother / Michelle Paver

Ripley's RBI A Scaley Tale / Kay Wilkins

The Patron Saint of Butterflies / Celilia Galante

Snot, Poop, Vomit and More / Alvin & Virginia Selverstien

Peek - A - Boo Penguin Ready for Reading / Ruth Owen

Triple H / Adam Stone

Rey Mysterio / Adam Stone

Kane / Adam Stone


New DVDs

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