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Slayton Public Library Internet Access Policy

It is the policy of the Slayton Public Library to provide free access to information to users of all ages. Electronic information and networking are resources that are constantly changing, therefore impossible to monitor. Use of information found on the Internet must be the responsibility of the library patron--the public library and its staff will not be responsible for areas accessed by minors. Because of this, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to insure what a minor views on the Internet is suitable. Internet computers will not be used for illegal activity, to access illegal materials, or to access materials that by local community standards would be obscene. Library staff is authorized to take prompt and appropriate actions to enforce these Rules of Conduct and to prohibit the use by persons who fail to comply with the Internet Access Agreement. Patrons who wish to use the library's computers must review the Internet User Policy and sign the Internet Access Agreement.

Rules of Conduct

  • Misuse of the library's computers will result in the loss of computer privileges and may result in loss of library privilege and legal prosecution. Violations include: using the computer for illegal activities, hacking into the library's computer system, damaging computer software & hardware, gaining unauthorized access to another person's files, sending harassing messages to others, violating copyright laws and software licensing agreements.
  • The library's Internet computers may not be used to access websites that portray visual or child pornography, that are harmful to minors, obscene, or illegal.
  • Users may not use the library's computers to disrupt other computer use, staff, or patrons. Displaying images for the purpose of harassing other computer users, distribution of unsolicited advertising (spamming), or propagation of computer viruses will not be allowed.
  • There will be NO eating or drinking in the computer lab.
  • Slayton Public Library staff may ask Internet users to refrain from displaying images that they deem to be offensive to others. Users who find anything on another computer screen to be offensive may report it to the library staff, and the director/staff will address the problem.
  • Printing will cost twenty (.20) cents per page. Patrons must observe copyright rules.
  • Personal software or hardware may not be used or installed on the library's computers.
  • Information may only be downloaded from the Internet to a disk. Disks must be purchased at the circulation desk for $1.00 per disk.
  • Sharing other's personal information without written permission is strictly prohibited.
  • Internet users are encouraged to follow these guidelines:

    • Remember: not everything found online is true. Consider the source and date of information for accuracy.
    • Do not give out identifying personal information such as address, name or telephone number to someone you do not know.
    • Be cautious about providing credit card information; you are using a public computer and the information you provide may be accessible to other users.

Internet User Policy

  • Users must sign up at the circulation desk in order to use the computers. If they are a resident of the Plum Creek Library System area, they must have a library card. If they are a visitor, they must provide a valid form of identification.
  • Minors the age of eight (8) and under must be accompanied by an adult when using the computer. Patrons aged 9 to 18 must have a parent's signature on this form in order to use the computer alone. All patrons wishing to use the library's computers must sign this access agreement.
  • Sessions will be limited to one (1) hour. The user must report to the circulation desk when one hour has passed; if there are no others waiting to use the computer, the time may be extended.
  • Patrons may phone the library to reserve a computer and must arrive on time for the session; patrons who arrive 15 minutes late may forfeit their time.
  • Workstations can be used by only two persons at a time.
  • Headphones may be checked out (2 per computer), using the patron's library card. If the user is a visitor without a library card, leaving a driver's license or other form of identification at the circulation desk will be required.
  • The computer lab will be available during the library's regular hours of operation. If a group is using the lab, then it will not be available to the public. Patrons will be assigned a computer and expected to use only the assigned computer until the session is done. Patrons will be responsible for any damage or misuse that is done to the computer that they are assigned to.

Adopted by the Slayton Public Library
Board of Directors
December 17, 2001

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