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Plum Creek Member Public Libraries

Adrian Library
(branch of Nobles County Library)
214 Maine Avenue
PO Box 39
Adrian, MN 56110
Phone/fax: 507-483-2541
Director: Meredith Vaselaar 

Balaton Community Library
(branch of Marshall-Lyon County Library)
134 3rd St.
PO Box 326
Balaton, MN 56115-0326
Phone: 507-734-2034
Fax: 507-734-2361
Director: Mary Roseland

Cottonwood Community Library
(branch of Marshall-Lyon County Library)
86 Main Street West
PO Box 106
Cottonwood, MN 56229-0106
Phone: 507-423-6488
Fax: 507-423-5638
Director: Donna Bastemeyer-Parlin

Edgerton Public Library
811 1st Ave. West
PO Box 25
Edgerton, MN 56128
Phone: 507-442-7071
Director: Dena Berghorst  

Fulda Memorial Library
101 3rd St NE
PO Box 346
Fulda, MN 56131
Phone: 507-425-3277
Director: Beth Cuperus

Heron Lake Library
(branch of Jackson County Library)
401 9th St.
PO Box 348
Heron Lake, MN 56137
Phone/fax: 507-793-2641
Director: Sunny Osland  

Ivanhoe Public Library
401 N. Harold
PO Box 25
Ivanhoe, MN 56142-0025
Phone: 507-694-1555
Fax: 507-694-1278
Director: Susan Vizecky  

Jackson County Library
311 3rd St.
Jackson, MN 56143
Phone: 507-847-4748
Fax: 507-847-5470
Director: Tam Erickson 

Lake Benton Public Library
110 W. Benton St.
PO Box 377
Lake Benton, MN 56149
Phone: 507-368-4641 ext. 4
Director: Janine Bunjer

Lakefield Library
(branch of Jackson County Library)
410 Main Street
Box 723
Lakefield, MN 56150
Phone/fax: 507-662-5782
Director: Kathy Weeks-Wegner

Lamberton Public Library
101 East 2nd Ave.
PO Box 505
Lamberton, MN 56152
Phone/fax: 507-752-7220
Director: Alicia Vogel

Marshall-Lyon County Library
201 C Street
Marshall, MN 56258
Phone: 507-537-7003
Fax: 507-537-6745
Director: Michele Leininger

Meinders Community Library
1401 7th St. S.W.
Pipestone, MN 56164
Phone: 507-825-6714
Fax: 507-526-7374
Director: Jody Wacker

Minneota Public Library
103 N. Jefferson Street
Minneota, MN 56264
Phone: 507-872-5473
Fax: 507-872-6144
Director: Mary Buysse 

Morgan Public Library
210 Vernon
PO Box 128
Morgan, MN 56266
Phone: 507-249-3153
Fax: 507-249-3839
Director: Mandi Kuehn

Mountain Lake Public Library
1054 4th Ave.
PO Box 477
Mountain Lake, MN 56159
Phone: 507-427-2506
Fax: 507-427-2506
Director: Carol Lehman

Nobles County Library
407 12th St.
Worthington, MN 56187-2411
Phone: 507-295-5340
Fax: 507-372-2982
Interim Director: Myra Palmer

Redwood Falls Public Library
509 S. Lincoln
Redwood Falls, MN 56283
Phone: 507-616-7420
Fax: 507-627-5004
Director: Teri Smith  

Rock County Community Library
201 W. Main St.
Luverne, MN 56156
Phone: 507-449-5040
Director: Calla Jarvie

Siverson Public Library Hendricks
100 W Garfield
Hendricks, MN 56136
Phone: 507-275-3979
Director: Joni Dagel

Slayton Public Library
2451 Broadway Ave.
Slayton, MN 56172
Phone: 507-836-8778
Fax: 507-393-0029
Director: Lori Stainer

Tracy Public Library
189 3rd Street
Tracy, MN 56175
Phone: 507-629-5548
Fax: 507-629-5549
Director: Valerie Quist

Tyler Public Library
230 Tyler St. N.
PO Box L
Tyler, MN 56178-0461
Phone: 507-247-5556
Fax: 507-247-5557
Director: Carla Skjong 

Wabasso Public Library
1248 Oak St.
PO Box 190
Wabasso, MN 56293
Phone: 507-342-5279
Fax: 507-342-2329
Director: Scott Sobocinski  

Westbrook Public Library
556 1st Ave.
PO Box 26
Westbrook, MN 56183-0026
Phone/fax: 507-274-6174
Director: Kari Ourada 

Windom Public Library
904 4th Ave.
Windom, MN 56101-1639
Phone: 507-831-6131
Director: Dawn Aamot

PCLS Member Academic Libraries

Thirteen K-12 school libraries in our area are also members of our catalog. They are Cedar Mountain Franklin Elementary School, Cedar Mountain Morgan High School, Edgerton Public School, Fulda Public High and Fulda Public Elementary Schools, Hendricks Public School, Ivanhoe Public School, Lake Benton Public School, Milroy Public School, Minneota High and Minneota Elementary Schools, and Murray County Central High and Murray County Central West Elementary Schools..

Plum Creek Library System
290 South Lake St.
P.O. Box 697
Worthington, MN 56187-0697
Phone: 507-376-5803
fax: 507-376-9244

Monday thru Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Jim Trojanowski

Office Administrator
Rebecca Hudson

Financial Administrator
Cleo Wicks

Network Systems Administrator
Joel Sasse

Barb Kruse

Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
Anne Ouellette

Courier Drivers
Jim Kill
Jim Thompson

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