Plum Creek Library System

Data Practices Rights Advisory
("Tennessen Warning")

Under Minnesota Statutes, all data in this application for a borrower card, other than your name, is classified as private data on individuals. The Library is collecting this data for the purpose and intended use by the library system to identify you and collect other necessary information in order to issue to you a library card so that you may better access and utilize the materials of the library system.  If you are under 18, information about your library use is available to your parent or guardian.

You are not legally required to supply this information but if you do not supply it we will be unable to issue you a library card.

If you do supply this information it will not be provided to other persons or entities outside of the library system unless that disclosure is authorized by state or federal statute, court order or your written informed consent. For purposes of this advisory the term "library system" includes Plum Creek Library System, its associated and affiliated library systems and other library systems to the extent you seek to utilize or obtain materials from other systems.

Bajo las regulaciones de la ley de MN, toda información que a sido compartida es considerada privada. El propósito de recolectar esta información es solo para poder determinar si le podemos otorgar una tarjeta para la Biblioteca. Si, usted es menor de 18 anos, la información de como utiliza su tarjeta para la Biblioteca, estará disponible a sus padres.

Usted no esta legalmente obligado a proveernos de su información, pero si usted no lo hace esto afectara nuestra decisión de poder otorgarle una tarjeta para la Biblioteca.

Esta información, no será compartida con otras personas o entidades que estén fuera del Sistema de la Biblioteca, solo se lo hara si la información es pedida por leyes federales o estatales, orden de la corte o usted da su consentimiento para poder compartirla. Estas regulaciones se aplican a todos los sistemas de Bibliotecas Publicas que incluya Plum Creek Library System y las Bibliotecas afiliadas al sistema.

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Updated 3/11/2009
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