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Kids Corner @ Meinders Library

Summer Reading Program 2010

SRP Activity Days

June 24 @ 2 pm - First activity day of the Summer Reading Program! First, we will talk about the program and how kids can earn prizes by reading books. Then we will talk about how much water is used for various things, color and cut out a fish pattern for the library walls, do a water color sheet and color a rubber duck.


July 1 @ 2 pm - We値l be reading Harry by the Sea by Gene Zion and we値l be making our own Harry by the Sea pictures.


July 8 @ 2 pm - Speakers from the Prairie Ecology Bus Center from Lakefield, MN will be here for a visit. You can become fast friends with a splendid snake, a terrific turtle, a friendly frog and more as you meet these critters and learn about their unique lives.  You値l learn who carries a house on its back, who lives part of its life underwater, who can hold its breath for a long time, who peels off its skin, who doesn稚 like the sun and much more.  You値l learn what sounds they make, what they like to eat, where they live and more!  Don稚 miss this fun creeping, crawling, slithering, swimming, digging and jumping good time!


July 15 @ 2 pm - Lorelei Schelhaas from the Minnesota Extension Office will be here. She値l read a story and do a fun activity.


July 22 @ 2 pm - Water experiments! We will be testing several items to see weather they sink or float. We値l talk about the water cycle, then do a fun project with water, corn syrup, and cooking oil.


July 29 @ 2 pm - This is our last SRP activity day and we will be celebrating it with cupcakes! All students that have turned in at least one complete reading log and attending the last activity day party will receive a new paperback chapter book or new beginning reader book along with a SRP certificate. We will be giving out new paperbacks from the Magic Tree House Series, A to Z Mysteries Series, and the Junie B Jones Series. The beginning reader books will be Scooby-Doo.

~ Kids & Parents ~

Be sure to stop in and register for the summer reading program. You will get a bag with a reading log and some other goodies. Write down each book that you read (or books read to you). Once you fill in one side (for a total 17 book titles) bring your reading log into the library for a prize.

See you @ the library!